What We Do

Market Research

A strong skill set and extensive background in all qualitative and quantitative research methods has allowed DI to creatively apply the optimum data collection and analytic solutions to such endeavors as segmenting, branding, positioning, targeting, testing, evaluating and tracking both marketing and product strategy.

Market Education and Training

Curriculum varies based on each Client’s needs and applies understandable winning marketing methods to real-life Client business problems. Past topics have included: using information to support new product development activities; understanding the value of information as it relates to decision making; building a knowledge-based organization; creating effective performance measurement systems; and, managing/optimizing the information function within a market-driven / customer-focused  organization.

New Product Development Support

Needs Assessment / Idea Generation, Product Evaluation, Concept Testing, Forecasting, Price Modeling, Strategy Development and Market Analysis.  Particularly skilled at concept testing using decision choice modeling / conjoint analyses.

Market Tracking, Customer Satisfaction & Performance Measurement

Market tracking, customer satisfaction, website user satisfaction, and performance measurement systems. Using structural equation modeling and other multivariate tools, these systems support strategic planning efforts as well as process improvement activities.

Business/Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

Extensive experience performing business and market analysis activities including competitive and industry intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination, market trend analysis, technology and new business / market opportunity evaluations, etc. Particularly skilled at incorporating secondary information analyses with primary research strategies. Has provided guidance on building meaningful knowledge management systems and CRM functions.


Measure and track market dynamics using various modeling, analytic and forecasting methods. Market sizing, TAM/SAM models: best of practice pricing models; market and sales forecasts; econometric modeling; etc.

Problem Solvers

DI works with the Client to create the research design and keeps the Client intimately involved throughout the implementation process. This involvement provides a clear understanding of the true value of information as it relates to the decisions at hand.   The Client not only receives high quality data, but also truly understands the relationship between the value of that information and the resulting decisions / strategy.


DI prides itself as being an objective 3rd party information resource that can be relied upon to provide high-quality unbiased information quickly and efficiently. However, when the Client requests DI’s interpretation, they have found DI’s advice and recommendations to be invaluable. In fact, it is not out of the ordinary for Clients to keep in continued contact with DI long after a project is completed asking advice and guidance on various business and marketing issues which may arise.