Who We Are

Our first primary market research project was in 1977, creating and implementing a longitudinal panel study for a regional consumer goods company that sold its products across the Western U.S. Our first market analysis/competitive intelligence project was performed in 1978 on an international product sold by a local business-to-business company.

Since those first projects, we have worked with a multitude of companies and organizations performing a variety of information-gathering projects. In fact, it would be difficult to think of industries, or types of research and analysis, in which we have not consulted.

In addition to our successful practice, the DI team stays on top of its craft with classic education and training. Not only do our team members dedicate their time to staying abreast of new trends, one of our team leaders has served as a professor at major universities for more than a dozen years, and serves as a marketing scientist/consultant for other research vendors.