How We Help

We’re frequently asked by prospective clients, “What makes Decision Impact different, or special?” One of the things we do that current and past clients appreciate is our versatility. We adapt our applications to fit the specific needs of each client. In order to identify those needs, we help decision makers clearly define the problem at hand, because the primary reason for new product failure is not understanding the value of information required to ensure product success. We with each client to ensure they have a grasp of the information provided, and understand their best options for moving forward.

Our research process matches the best information collection strategy and/or research methodology with the client’s timelines and budgets. We also offer more in-depth training with our clients regarding the “process” of information acquisition, and how the development of a market knowledge function in an organization can help an organization become truly market driven. This additional time spent can be the difference between a report on the shelf and a truly actionable strategy.

We have developed unique research methodologies that are both timely and cost effective. Specific niches suitable to web-based data collection benefit the most from this approach. We are experts in the science of providing research tools via the Internet. These tools allow clients to efficiently conduct a wide range of market research efforts, including needs assessment research, product concept testing, web performance evaluations and measurement, market strategy testing, and customer satisfaction/brand loyalty measurement.